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How I Lost 10 Pounds in One Week... Then 23 Pounds Over 30 Days Using A Diet Plan Combination I Discovered By Accident.

Hello, I'm Karin and welcome to this edition of 'Weight Loss Insiders'. If you were one of the 568 people who submitted highly positive feedback about colon cleanse program I recommended last month, many thanks for making the effort.

This month I'm going to introduce you to two highly effective weight loss systems I discovered which in most cases have been proven to be far more successful for actual fat loss than most of the major diet brands that you will have heard of and possibly even tried.

Not only did I lose 23 pounds using a combination of the two, (after giving up on both Weight Watchers and Nutri-system), a large number of our other subscribers have aswell. In fact, many of them have been able to drop 18lbs, 20lbs and in one case as much as 27lbs.

If you are short of time you can see what I used to lose this weight below, although I highly recommend you take a couple of minutes to read the rest of the story as I'm certain it will encourage you and assist you in losing substantial amounts of weight.

  My First Step: I Followed My 'The Diet Solution Program
  My Second Step: I Used My Free Trial Of Green Coffee Bean Extract

  Here's What Happened...


As most of you know I'm just an average person living a normal life with 3 kids, and up until the end of last year, I never used to have an issue with my weight at all. I regularly swam, cycled and was generally very active until a sudden change in my life meant I couldn't carry on exercising.

I won't go into why because that would take all day and I realize that your time is precious. However, as I'm sure you can guess, the inevitable happened... the lack of exercise (and stress eating) meant that I began to put on large amounts of weight.

To cut a very long story short and after putting up with this unsightly new me for a little over four months, I began looking for ways to return to my former weight and started with the major dieting brands. However, I had almost no success after paying out quite a lot of money and was on the verge of giving up...

  But Then I Lost My First 7 Pounds In Only 7 Days... (Here's How)


After I gave up on Weight Watchers, Nutri-system (as well as Jenny Craig) a friend of mine told me about a new diet called 'The Diet Solution Program
' that had helped her lose a lot of weight in a remarkably short space of time. Personally, I had never heard of it before and due to my recent experiences with other diets, I was initially a little dubious. However, after doing some research and reading some very positive reviews, I decided to give it a go.

The whole idea with this diet is that it manipulates your metabolism into burning fat whilst eating more that 3 meals each day and even though it sounds a little ominous, as I soon found out, it actually works.


I ordered the diet plan, accessed the diet members area, entered what foods I enjoyed eating into their unique diet generator (which is a very good) and the system built a personal diet plan just for me. I followed it for a week and to my surprise lost 7lbs which, I'm sure you'll agree, is pretty astonishing especially when you consider I didn't have to alter my lifestyle in anyway - even with the kids.

However, even though it was very effective, easy & cheap to follow... and is something you should certainly try if you want to lose weight quickly, (for instance, if you are about to go on a summer holiday), in my opinion I was losing weight a little too quickly (!!). In fact, I decided that I should only use my 'The Diet Solution Program
' personal plan every second day to make sure I really was losing fat and not just water.

  So Here's What I Did... (And It Really Worked)


After coming to this conclusion, I decided that I needed something else in addition. Obviously I couldn't follow two 'diets' at the same time (not that there were any left that I hadn't already tried!) and after seeing a report on CNN about Berrry's becoming the natural weight loss supplement of choice for many high-profile celebrities in Hollywood , I thought that I would try them out.

Even though Berries aren't a 'weight loss wonder' by themselves (many people think and claim they are ), there are a number of ways in which it increases weight loss without you having to actually 'diet'... (in other words, exactly what I was looking for)


Firstly, Berries get rid your body of excess build up in your digestive track which will make you lighter. Secondly, they suppress your hunger and boost your metabolism & energy. Thirdly, they contain a very high level of antioxidants and vitamins which will help improve your health.

Anyway, after searching for a couple of days to find a reputable supplier, I found one called Green Coffee Bean Extract.

The good thing about them was that they were giving away a Risk free trial bottle so they could prove to you that they really did work. (They Do offer Free postage and a 365 Money Back Gaurantee). After waiting 2 days for it to arrive in the mail I began taking one every morning. Of course at the same time I was following my The Diet Solution Program plan every two days.

  The End Result... (23 Pounds Total Fat Loss In Just 30 Days)


After the first 3 weeks of using the combination of my The Diet Solution Program
 plan along with one Green Coffee Bean Extract every morning, it was obvious that my plan was working and even though I had immediate success in losing 7lbs at first, the combination of the two worked very well because I was now losing weight consistently and at a healthy speed, and more importantly I wasn't having to do any exercise.

The other good thing was that I had more energy and felt much healthier and happier. Even though I'm not quite at my optimum weight yet (I need to lose another 6lbs), I have lost 23lbs so far and by the time I update the blog next month I will almost certainly have reached my target for the simple reason that this has been so easy to follow and even fun in some ways!

Of course discovering a natural, healthy and safe combination like this has been pure luck, and if you need to lose weight fast aswell then I recommend you try this too, especially if (like me) you've tried everything else, have run out of ideas and don't want to spend hours sweating it out at the gym.

Also, both of these products have a 365 day guarantees so if you don't have the same results that I did, then you don't have to pay anything.

Click Here To See The Diet Solution Program
 (It's a very colorful website!)
Click Here To Get A Risk Free Trial Of Green Coffee Bean Extract
 (they only have limited supplies)






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